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Sustainable Development and Economic Opportunity

Promoting fair and sustainable development outcomes

The rule of law provides legal certainty for economic development and offers a sound basis for sustainable development.


The rule of law provides legal certainty for economic development, ensures equity for social development and allows a legal basis for distribution of natural resources and protection of the environment, underpinning all three pillars of sustainable development. IDLO continues to be committed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In addition to diverse programming, we share our expertise and insights on the rule of law as an enabler, as well as an outcome of sustainable development at the United Nations and at the regional level. Our objective is to promote the identification and exchange of practical ways in which to implement Goal 16 and to contribute to building the understanding of the rule of law as a crosscutting issue, adding value to all three pillars of sustainable development.

Historically, IDLO contributed to opening up of markets in Central and Eastern Europe by building capacity on commercial and economic law. This continues to be an important aspect of our work in emerging economies, as we move into supporting the construction of viable commercial and economic legal systems, especially in transition economies. Our overall aim is to ensure clarity, predictability and certainty in commercial affairs, promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, and facilitate business transactions while discouraging corrupt behaviours.

IDLO believes that the rule of law is essential for creating investor confidence and a level playing field for business through respect for

intellectual property, legal transparency and reliable mechanisms of arbitration or dispute resolution, contractenforcement and regulatory compliance.Our work included capacity development on commercial and economic law of legal institutions, especially the judiciary in Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, Jordan and Tunisia, courts, and the promotion of regulations and processes in support of small and medium-size enterprises in Mongolia, also focusing on alternative dispute resolution.

In recognition of the importance of the rule of law to sustainable development and economic opportunity, IDLO’s interventions, in line with our expertise and core competencies, focused on strengthening legal frameworks, supporting efficient and accountable government institutions, and empowering civil society, in order to facilitate the effective governance of biodiversity, land and natural resources. In Burundi, with innovative approaches, IDLO is engaging female community leaders to help secure the registration of women’s land rights.

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