Institution Building

Increasing legitimacy and public confidence in institutions

Fair, effective and accountable institutions are the lifeblood of the rule of law. IDLO works to build legal and judicial institutions in countries recovering from conflict and moving towards democracy. 


Legitimate, effective and responsive institutions are essential to laying the foundation for stability, economic recovery, and social development. In this context, IDLO aims to improve the quality of justice, primarily through technical legal expertise, capacity development and multi-stakeholder consultations.

IDLO places emphasis on improving the quality of performance of justice institutions at four levels: individual, institutional, organizational and sectorial. While we focus on a range of targeted activities including training, our initiatives go beyond this to encompass change management, organizational work processes, resource mobilization, cooperation and consultations among the relevant organizations and institutions for sectorial coordination. We envisage that over time, this will enable the justice sector and its constituent actors to deliver timely, transparent and fair outcomes to meet the needs of justice seekers.

Public trust and confidence in justice sector institutions is key to investment and commercial transactions, and necessary for sustainable development and social change.

We are engaged in programming that enhances the integrity and capacity of such institutions to promotegood governance by holding State and other constituencies, including the private sector, accountable, ultimately leading to people’s confidence in the laws and institutions that are meant to serve them.

Constitutions are particularly relevant for the justice sector as they provide the framework within which the justice institutions function and guarantee the independence and impartiality of the judiciary. We support institutions to carry out constitutional and legal reforms in a fair, transparent and inclusive manner, whilst ensuring the reform processes and their outcomes are gender sensitive and respect international human rights standards.

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