Where we worked

IDLO enables governments and empowers people to reform laws and strengthen institutions to promote peace, justice, sustainable development and economic opportunity. We contribute to creating stable and inclusive societies where every person can live free from fear and want, in dignity and under the rule of law.

In many countries of the world, the rule of law operationalizes human rights through constitutional and legal protections, institutions for effective implementation and accountability, judicial and administrative remedies, and the legal empowerment of people to access to justice and claim their rights. Click on a country below to explore:

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An Overview


Institution Building 

Legitimate, effective and responsive institutions are essential to laying the foundation for stability, economic recovery, and social development. In this context, IDLO aims to improve the quality of justice. [ Explore ]


Access to Justice

IDLO’s work on promoting access to justice is much more than access to a formal court. It is about realizing social justice, and addressing marginalization and inequality through the restoration of rights that have been ignored or denied.  [ Explore ]

Sustainable Development, Economic Empowerment  

IDLO is committed to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, through our diverse programming and sharing our expertise and insight on the rule of law as an enabler, an well as outcome of sustainable development. [ Explore ]

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Our Journey

IDLO worked at the global level and in all regions of the world to champion the rule of law, advocate for policy changes and, where appropriate, mobilize political and financial support.  [ 2016 at a glance ]                      


A message from Director-General Irene Khan

Dear friends, 2016 was a year of unrest and disruptive change around the world. International law, human rights and humanitarian principles came under renewed pressure from entrenched conflicts, violent extremism, rising authoritarianism, and xenophobic trends. Marginalized and poor people - refugees, migrants, minorities, women, children, those living with disabilities - paid a heavy price because institutions were mismanaged or too weak, laws were outdated or manipulated, and calls for accountability and respect for the rule of law often went unheeded. [ Read more ] 



Thought Leadership, Partnerships and Engagement

2016 was another year of strengthening and forging partnerships, and IDLO enjoyed continued engagement and great trust from its partners, policy actors and donors, leading to many significant achievements and milestones. [ Read more ]